This podcast explores what climate change, personal action and hope hold for our local spaces through the story of Nick Acheson, renowned naturalist and conservationist, who cycled 1,200 miles during lockdown, the exact length of the pinkfeet’s migration to Iceland, to try and discover what geese mean to communities, landscapes and the future of the planet.

Our guest:

Nick Headshots-19

Nick Acheson lives in a flint cottage by a duckpond beside the River Wensum in North Norfolk. He grew up nearby, beside the River Stiffkey. In the process of moving three miles between North Norfolk rivers, he spent ten years in South America (largely by the Rivers Piraí, Iténez and Mamoré in Bolivia), four in India (along the Brahmaputra, among many others) and worked with wildlife on every continent. Having reflected deeply on climate, biodiversity and ecotourism, he has given up flying. He now cycles around North Norfolk; walks along the Wensum; and writes, speaks, teaches and presents on wildlife and the environment. He is an ambassador for Norfolk Wildlife Trust, a trustee of Pensthorpe Conservation Trust and Felbeck Trust, a member of the New Networks for Nature steering group and author of The Meaning of Geese.

Find out more about Nick’s work here.