What are the challenges facing the food industry in the 20th Century? Are our supply chains resilient? Is the food industry sustainable? What role does technology play in more sustainable food production? We explore every aspect of food with Matt Reynolds, Science Editor at WIRED UK and author of The Future of Food and Sir Charles Godfray, Director, Oxford Martin School, population biologist and lead researcher on The Oxford Martin Programme on The Future of Food.

Our guests:

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Professor Sir Charles Godfray FRS is a population biologist with broad interests in science and the interplay of science and policy.  He has spent his career at Oxford University and Imperial College and is currently Director of the Oxford Martin School and Professor of Population Biology at Oxford.  His research has involved experimental and theoretical studies in population and community ecology, epidemiology and evolutionary biology. He is particularly interested in food security and chaired the UK Government Office of Science’s Foresight project on the Future of Food and Farming and recently stepped down as chair of the UK’s agricultural and environment (Defra) ministry’s Science Advisory Council.  


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Matt Reynolds is the science editor at WIRED UK, where he edits and commissions stories about the environment, health, space and everything else about how science is changing the world. He’s particularly interested in the science of food and the impact that our diets have on the environment. His first book, The Future of Food: How to Feed the Planet Without Destroying it will be published on September 16, 2021. Matt was previously a technology reporter at New Scientist.