In this final episode in our COP Conversations series @TheGreen Amanda and co-host Chris White from the University of Strathclyde catch up with Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the UK’s Climate Change Committee who sounds a positive note about the likely final outcome from COP26.  We discuss how this COP has established a clear pathway to limiting global heating to below 2degC, if not the targetted 1.5deg C.  With positive engagement of corporates and financiers in the debate along with mounting pressure from the younger generation and other concerned citizens, could COP26 be the tipping point to give global governments the confidence to enact tougher legislation and provide greater incentives to decarbonise?  Have we finally recognised that adaptation and building resilience is a key part of mitigating climate change and are we on the way to achieving a fair transition?  Listen to this final episode to find out!