How to create an ecological garden that is people and nature friendly plus the magic to be found in a sheet of old corrugated iron!   Our guests Matt Rees Warren and Brigit Strawbridge Howard share their tips and advice for a friendlier gentler approach to gardening.
Perfect for no mow may !

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Our guests:


Matt Rees-Warren is an ecological gardener, designer, writer and author of the new book The Ecological Gardener. During 15 years of life in the ‘outside’, he’s worked for the National Trust, been head gardener at Kilver Court Gardens, Somerset, had articles published in RHS The Garden,Somerset Life, and Country Gardener, and designed gardens for private clients in and around the South West. Through his work, Matt has looked to illuminate, propose and develop ecological gardening methods and practices. As an advocate of organic gardening, permaculture, no-dig gardening and wildlife gardening, among other practices, his style and ethos reflect the changing relationship between ourselves, our gardens and the natural world. 

Brigit Strawbridge Howard

Brigit Strawbridge Howard is a bee advocate, wildlife gardener, naturalist and author of Dancing with Bees. She writes, speaks, and campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of native wild bees and other pollinating insects. She lives in North Dorset with her husband, Rob.

Dancing with Bees is Brigit Strawbridge Howard’s eloquent, captivating account of her ‘return to noticing’ the natural world around her. With special attention to the plight of pollinators, Brigit shares her journey to rediscover nature; filled with fascinating details of the lives of flora and fauna that bring her ever-increasing wonder and delight.