We talk bees, honey and money!

Amanda talks to bee experts Richard Rickitt, co-editor of Bee Craft magazine and beekeeping tutor, and Kevin Baughen, co-owner of 13 Bees beekeeping experiences, to discuss their passion for bees and why we should all be in awe of these amazing insects. But “bee” warned – we also raise the spectre of the destructive Asian Hornet and what to do if one buzzes your way!

(Pictures courtesy of Richard Rickitt.  Hive sounds courtesy of Kevin Baughen (plus course guests and bees!)

Our guests:


Richard Rickitt is co-editor of Bee Craft, the UK’s leading beekeeping magazine that has been in print for over 100 years.  Richard joined Bee Craft in 2016. He keeps about 30 colonies of his own, and a few for other people. He runs beekeeping courses but really enjoys meeting and learning from other beekeepers. He is particularly interested in beekeeping history, books and photography.



Kevin Baughen was formally a charity sector marketing and communications professional and is now co-owner of 13 Bees, a socially and environmentally-driven holiday business in South West France, set up to educate and inspire people to look after and even keep honeybees.  Since 2016 they have welcomed more than 250 enthusiastic people and hardly any ever get stung!  Kevin’s passion for beekeeping is partly inspired by his wife Amanda, who first got the bug for beekeeping more than 10 years ago, and following some extensive DeFRA training, both realised that a new life and new challenges beckoned. They now keep 12 colonies of bees in various types of hive, focusing on bee health and living more of a rural lifestyle, in harmony with their surroundings.





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