The world’s coastlines are dynamic and constantly shifting, providing homes and livelihoods to millions of people whilst playing a key role in nature based solutions for adapting to climate change.  With sea level rise – even if every net zero target is met – coastal erosion is set to continue apace.  In this powerful episode Amanda is joined by Professor Larissa Naylor, Professor of Geomorphology and Environmental Geography at Glasgow University and postgraduate researcher Uduak Affiah to look at the likely societal, environmental and economic impacts of our disappearing and shifting coastlines.  The vulnerability of Nigerian coastal communities serves as a graphic example of how significant numbers of people in many parts of the world are likely to be affected by coastal erosion and why this COP must heed the urgent call for a joined up and properly financed approach to adaptation which engages local communities.


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A 30+ year retrospective of Larissa Naylor on climate activism, science and impact that was launched to coincide with youth empowerment day at COP26