Don’t take our word for it but that of farmer Dominic Buscall from Wild Ken Hill who talks about his experience of lower costs and higher yields across his Norfolk farm when they adopted a rewilding approach.  Dom is joined by Rebecca Wrigley, CEO Rewilding Britain, whose new report highlights species loss and the need to act now.

Our guests:


Dominic Buscall spent 5 years working in strategy consulting before leaving London to establish and manage Wild Ken Hill on his family-run farm in west Norfolk. Dominic is interested in how land use across the UK can be adapted to fight climate change and biodiversity decline, and hopes Wild Ken Hill will become a national exemplar with its pioneering mix of rewilding, regenerative farming and traditional conservation techniques.

Rebecca Wrigley

Rebecca Wrigley is one of the founders of Rewilding Britain and is now acting CEO. Leading on the development of Rewilding Britain’s strategies, she creates and implements our vision and mission of rewilding Britain for a healthier, wilder future. She manages the overall operations and resources of Rewilding Britain and acts as the main point of communication between the board of directors and the rest of the team.

She has worked in the voluntary and public sectors for 23 years, 15 years at senior management level. In this time, Rebecca has developed, managed and implemented conservation and community development programmes at local, national and international levels in the UK, Mexico, Uganda and New Zealand. Her particular expertise is engaging local communities in decision-making about the land and its resources.

Rebecca has always enjoyed experiences of wild nature — having watched gorillas, seen turtles hatch and dived with sharks — but nowadays this is more likely to be trapping elephant hawk moths with her daughter in the back garden!