Transition to Green Energy – who pays? The producer, the polluter or the consumer?

Join our expert guests Neil Hirst, Senior Policy Fellow for Energy and Mitigation at the Grantham Institute and Juliet Davenport, CEO of Good Energy as they discuss the paradigm shift we need in policy and regulation that will free up the consumer so we can make our own decisions about how to heat and power our homes. Trust the consumer says Juliet – they know what they are doing …. does the government??

[Click here for the link to Neil’s paper “Paying for Net Zero – the fiscal framework for the UK’s transition to low-carbon energy”]

Our guests:


Juliet Davenport is founder and CEO of Good Energy – a 100% renewable energy company with a mission to power a greener, cleaner future together.

Juliet has always been a trailblazer. Rather than follow the traditional route of training to be a lawyer or study for an MBA, Juliet chose to do things differently and worked in the heart of Europe; a role which gave her a deeper understanding of the energy market.

It was here that she realised there could be a different way. Why couldn’t energy creation be local and energy supply be low carbon? How could clean technology and the power of a great idea transform the energy market? The idea for Good Energy was born.

Juliet continues to lead and innovate in the energy sector; in 2013 Juliet was awarded an OBE for services to renewables and in June 2015 was appointed to the board of the Natural Environment Research Council. She has various appointments with academic organisations, including University of Wales, Imperial College, Bristol University and London School of Economics LSE, where she works on innovation and where possible influencing the next generation to think about the energy transition and our low carbon future.

Juliet is passionate about creating a business that does good; one that can deliver the needs of society in a purposeful way, rather than just thinking about money. As part of this she is working with the British Academy’s Future of the Corporation project, thinking about a better future, one where business can be the good guy.


Neil Hirst is the Senior Policy Fellow for Energy and Mitigation at the Grantham Institute, Imperial College London. He is currently working with China’s Energy research Institute of the NDRC on a joint project on China and International Energy Governance. He is the lead author of the recent Grantham Institute/Chatham House Discussion Paper “The Reform of Global Energy Governance”.

From 2005 to 2009 Neil was a Director of the International Energy Agency. Initially, as Director for Technology, he pioneered the IEA’s flagship technology publication, Energy Technology Perspectives. Subsequently, as Director for Global Dialogue, he forged closer relations and joint programmes with IEA partner countries, especially China, India, and Russia.

Before that Neil was a senior UK energy official with responsibilities for international energy policy and (at different times) most domestic energy sectors.

In 1997 Neil was the Chairman of the G8 Nuclear Safety Working Group and in 1985-8 he was the Energy Counsellor at the British Embassy in Washington. He has worked on energy finance on secondment to Goldman Sachs. He holds a First Class Degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University and an MBA from Cornell USA.