Author and walker Peter Fiennes joins Alastair Driver from Rewilding Britain and Amanda to discuss how landscape shapes imagination and how rewilding today is about man and wildlife living in harmony together, not about resetting the baseline or turning the clock back.


Our guests:

Peter Fiennes

Peter Fiennes is an author and publisher. While at Time Out he nurtured his lifelong obsession with old guidebooks, creating the award winning city guides, walking books and titles about Britain’s countryside and seaside. His beautiful book Oak and Ash and Thorn won the Guardian Best Nature Book the Year and his most recent title Footnotes follows in the footsteps of 12 inspirational writers from the wilds of Skye and Snowdon to the inner city Birmingham. Who better then to  guide our imaginations across the currently inaccessible wild landscapes.

AD headshot

Alastair Driver is Director of Rewilding Britain and is well known in conservation and catchment management circles. He was appointed as the first ever conservation officer for the Thames catchment in 1984 and held that role for 18 years. He was Head of Conservation for the Environment Agency 2002-2016. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and is an Honorary Professor in Applied Environmental Management at the University of Exeter.