As we reach the end of two weeks of debate and dialogue, @TheGreenAmanda asks guest Seema Joshi from Global Witness to reflect on some of the key themes at this year’s COP.   Since the Paris agreement global banks have lent $157bn to businesses which drive deforestation, so are we really serious about protecting global rainforests? With the 503 delegates representing the interests of fossil fuel companies outnumbering those from the largest country, did this COP duck the challenge of cutting our ties with fossil fuels?  Will the non-binding words of commitments made be backed by hard hitting and rigidly enforced regulation and law?  As Green and Blue Zones held separate gatherings, were those whose lives and livelihoods are being affected most by climate change given the opportunity to be part of the negotiations?  Did this COP step up to the plate or was it just – in the words of activist Greta Thunburg – just another “blah blah blah”?