Three species go extinct every hour. We talk to zoologist, wildlife TV presenter and photographer Megan McCubbin and Dr John Ewen, Senior Research Fellow at ZSL’s Institute of Zoology about their work to highlight and tackle threats to wildlife, how far we should go to stop a species going extinct and the painstaking work, hope and courage it takes to bring a species back from the edge of extinction.

Megan McCubbin author photo

Megan McCubbin is a zoologist, wildlife TV presenter and photographer. Most
well-known for presenting the BAFTA award-winning BBC Springwatch series
and Animal Park, Megan is a passionate science communicator and biodiversity

Me Palmyra Atoll

Dr John Ewen is a ZSL scientist whose research focuses on the recovery of threatened or extinct-in-the-wild species, often involving translocations or reintroductions and the science behind these important conservation actions. His most recent paper, published in the prestigious journal Science, analysed extinct in the wild species and the role of conservation and zoos in building a future for these animals. His motto is: ‘species on the brink of extinction are saveable – if we as a society choose to.’

An Atlas of Endangered Species by Megan McCubbin, published by Two Roads, £20