Planet Pod catches up with the inspirational Sacha Dench – aka the Human Swan –  as she takes to the skies for an amazing 3000 miles coastal  circumnavigation of Britain. For this extraordinary flight Sacha has decarbonised – her paramotor is now electric and during recharging stops she is gathering stories from people on the ground who are devising innovative solutions to the climate crisis.
Join Amanda and Jim for this last episode of Planet Pod before the summer break. Happy Holidays everyone!



Our guest:

Sacha Dench is a pioneering conservationist, record-breaking adventurer and inspirational speaker. With her
global experiences in conservation, time spent with people in the arctic and losing her family home in the
2020 Australian bushfires Sacha can make a compelling case for immediate action on climate change,
biodiversity and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Her real-world perspective on the
interconnectedness of people, planet and resources provides a unique insight into what sustainable
procurement should really mean and how to do it better.