The Future of Food

A deep dive into what we eat and the affect it has on the world around us with Professor Sir Charles Godfray of the Oxford Martin School and Matt Reynolds, author of The Future of Food.

Code Red for Humanity

Exploring the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report and what it means for the UK’s weather.

National Parks SOS

Our National Parks are in crisis – just when we need them most to help us tackle the climate emergency, boost nature recovery and biodiversity.

The Fool on the Hill?

Exploring the light and shade of silvopasture with Andy Gray, farmer and Dr Robert Dunn of Rothamsted Research.

More than Human

Rethinking and rebalancing our relationship with world around us

Planet Pod goes wild!

To launch the autumn series of podcasts, the Planet Pod team have been out and about in Sussex finding out how British Whites are standing in for bison and helping to re-wild the English landscape.

Green Consumerism

In this episode of Planet Pod our host Amanda talks Green Consumerism with guests Michelle Johnson, Digital Editor at Tempus Magazine and a journalist with a passion for storytelling and the environment, and Daianna Karaian, founder of Thoughtful Works, a social enterprise harnessing creative talent to make things that make a real difference. As well as our usual “good, bad and ugly” slot, we talk about sustainable travel, consumer attitudes, disruptive products and services and teh challenges facing B2C businesses.

Trees and Seas

We talk about the challenges facing our two most precious ancient resources – oceans and woodlands with special guests Martin Turner from Woodland Trust and Paul Gisby from Oyster Diving.

Green Girl Power – How much is sustainability a gender issue?

We talk to Caroline May – senior Partner at law firm Norton Rose Fulbright and colleague Jackie O’Keefe – HSE consultant at the firm, Anne Johnson – Chair of UKELA and Frances Scott – founder of 50:50 Parliament to talk about sustainability, the environment and gender politics in the workplace and beyond. Are women greener than men and do they care more?

What a load of old rubbish – what really happens to all our waste

What really happens to our rubbish ? What can we do about food waste ? What is a ‘Murf’’ (or, properly, a MRF)? Join us for a conversation about waste, about recycling and about loving food of all shapes and sizes with Steve Kearns from Cawston Press, with David Rumble from Bywaters and Mickey Reedy from This is Rubbish CIC.