Covid-19 has left many people tired, dazed and frustrated – there is a danger that we collectively press the ‘pause’ button to catch our breath.  But accelerator for change organisation After the Pandemic, co-founded alongside Laura McHard by our guests in this episode Fergus Bruce and Graham Hogg (from Lateral North), are passionate about mobilising and engaging communities, particularly young people, to ‘rethink, reimagine and redesign spaces and places to be greener, more resilient and more vibrant’.  Joining them in conversation with @TheGreenAmanda is young Glasgow student Colin Li, whose powerful climate change focused mural design was one of seven winners in the Grantham Institute’s national competition for young people and now adorns the SWG3 railway arches beside the Clydesdale Expressway.  Together they highlight the power of creativity, design and education to stimulate positive grass-roots change for the world’s future.