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We are an independent, not-for-profit podcast. Our mission is to inform, inspire and entertain. We don’t preach. We host guests from every walk of life and every sector who share their knowledge, expertise and ideas to help us all be better guardians of the planet. We offer an archive packed with relevant podcasts, all free to listen to and share. Whether you are a sustainability expert or a concerned consumer, Planet Pod is for you, and if you don’t believe in the fight to halt climate change, well, you need us more than ever.

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The Planet Pod Team

As a team we are able to question, to challenge and to hold ourselves and others to account when it comes to the planet’s welfare. We don’t have all the answers, but we bring you insights and ideas from the people who do. We aim to inspire and encourage our listeners to take action and make changes.

Amanda Carpenter - Presenter

Amanda has a lifelong passion for the planet having been an active member of conservation groups at school and University, she spent time as a volunteer at Friends of the Earth before moving into wider conservation fields and then back into sustainability with her consultancy Achill Management. For the last 25 years she has worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes across all sectors trying to help them be more sustainable operationally, financially, strategically and environmentally.

Jim Haywood - Executive Producer

Jim is an ex-Royal Navy nuclear submarine engineer with engineering and technology in his veins (as well as a touch of salt!). He also has many years’ experience in the private, public and charitable sectors leading environmental and sustainability programmes. His career has included blue chip multinational corporates, the Environment Agency and Business in the Community (leading that charity’s environmental campaign on behalf of HRH The Prince of Wales). Jim is now an independent sustainability consultant and works alongside Amanda as part of Achill Management. Jim is also the editor of Planet Pod!

Beth Palmer - Producer

Beth spent nearly a decade working on an array of documentaries for 3BM TV, Brook Lapping Productions and the BBC. She spent two years as an Assistant Producer at BBC World News, Executive Producing series and commissioning and running the short format content for the channel. Following a career break to start a family, Beth works as a freelance content producer.

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We are committed to making real change happen at individual, local national and international level. Time is running out for us to take action to halt the cataclysmic effects of climate change, but we believe in the power of human ingenuity and collective action. 

Together we can make a difference to our planet, to our lives and to our future. We work with large organisations, such as global law firms and with private sector and public sector clients, including local authorities. We work with a wide range of not for profit entities, helping them tackle the difficult decisions needed to change behaviours, attitudes and practices. We provide solutions and advice, helping firms reduce their carbon footprint and implement the Sustainable Development Goals. For more on Achill Management visit our website



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